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Handicap Restroom Contractors

Our handicap restroom contractors can provide modifications and products to increase safety, mobility and independent living. We sell and can install everything you need from grab bars and bath lifts, to accessible showers and toilets. Some of the many products we can help you with are:

Toilet Area:

  • Toilevator
  • Power Toilet Aid
  • Portable Bidet
  • Deluxe Bidet with Remote
  • Folding Grab Bar with Toilet Paper Holder
  • Powder Coated Grab Bars

Bathtub Area

  • Electric Bath Lift
  • Aquatec Bath Lift
  • Hand-Held Shower
  • Sliding Swivel Bath Bench
  • Fold Down Grab Bar
  • Dependa Bar Grab Bar
  • Designer Grab Bars
  • Advantage Rail
  • Super Pole – Floor to Ceiling Support Pole
  • Non-Slip Shower Strips
  • Bath Board Seat
  • Bathtub and Shower Sliding Bathing System
  • Designer Bath and Shower Accessories
  • Accessible Bathroom Accent Ring Grab Bar
  • Accent Ring Grab Bar
  • Corner Shelf Grab Bar
  • Soap Dish Grab Bar
  • Toilet Roll Holder Grab Bar
  • Towel Bar Grab Bar Combo
  • Fold Down Shower Seat
  • Invisia Bath Bench
  • Corner Shower Seat
  • Shampoo Shelf
  • Accent Bar Grab Bar
  • Moen Designer Grab Bars
  • Moen Grab Bar With Shelf
  • Moen Grab Bar With Grip Pads
  • Moen Grab Bar With Toilet Paper Holder
  • Moen Flip Up Grab Bar
  • Moen Angled Grab Bar
  • Moen Grab Bar With Towel Bar
  • Moen L-Shaped Grab Bar
  • Moen Grab Bar With Corner Shelf
  • Moen Kingsley Designer Grab Bar
  • Grab BarsFold Down Grab Bar
  • Powder Coated Brass Grab Bar
  • Polished and Peened Grab Bar with textured finish
  • Satin Finish Grab Bar
  • Fold Up Grab Bar
  • Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bars – Travel Grab Bars

Sink Area

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vanity
  • Wall Hung Accessible Sink
  • Hair Washing Tray for Bathroom Sinks
  • Gooseneck Faucet
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vanity

Shower Area

  • Shower Dam
  • Collapsible Water Retainer Shower Dam
  • Shower Dam End Caps
  • Weighted Shower Curtains
  • Sliding Swivel Transfer Bath Bench
  • Etac Clean Shower Commode Chair
  • Wheelable Commode Shower Chair
  • Ergonomic Shower Chair
  • Adjustable Shower Chair
  • Tub Slider Sliding Shower Chair
  • Profile Shower Bench Seat
  • Fold Down Shower Bench
  • Self Propelled Shower Chairs
  • Rolling Shower Commode Chair
  • Shower Body Dryer
  • Single Lever Anti-Scald Shower Valve
  • Hand Held Shower with 5′ Hose
  • No-Slip Shower Strips
  • 3-Way Shower Diverter
  • Non-Scratching Raised Platforms/Ramps
  • 2-Wall Accessible Shower
  • 3-Wall Accessible Shower

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