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Shower Accessories

Shower Curtains & Accessories

If you’re looking for all things shower curtains, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a beach themed shower curtain or curtain with floral patterns, we have a huge selection waiting for you. But if you’re buying a shower curtain, it doesn’t always stop there. You may also need some shower curtain accessories to go with a shower curtain. Sometimes when you purchase a shower curtain, you may need curtain rings to hang it. For installation purposes, you will also need the right shower curtain rod to be mounted or installed with your curtain. Find whatever you need that is shower curtain-related right here, at Wayfair.

Shower Curtain Rods

Installing a shower curtain rod may also depend on what type of wall you have. If you have a shower stall that is surrounded by tile walls, you’ll want to buy a spring tension rod that expands by twisting. You may also want to consider the shape of the shower space. This may determine whether you need a curved shower curtain rod, or if you should just stick to the straight shower curtain. Make sure you take note of the thickness of the rod too. The diameter should accommodate the shower hooks you have.

Shower Hooks

Shower hooks can be as decorative or as simple as you want them to be. At Wayfair, you can choose a set of white plastic O-shaped rings that are simple enough to do the trick. If you are looking to get fancy or match a certain décor style in a bathroom, we also have fancy S-shaped shower hooks with faux jewelry and intricate designs. Whatever set of hooks you choose, you want to keep in mind how many you need. You also want to make sure that they are easy to hang a shower curtain on.

Shower Curtain Liners

Shower curtain liners can help protect shower curtains from mold and mildew. If you have a new or cotton shower curtain, a curtain liner is generally recommended to preserve it. Choose from a clear shower curtain liner, or if color matters to you, a liner in a color you like. We even have a few that have patterns like chevron, striped and plaid.


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