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Residential Bathroom Remodeling – Tulsa Oklahoma Owned

Bathroom remodels by Oklahoma Bath Professionals will be beautifully performed due to the years of experience and expertise we offer. We make designing bathroom remodels or renovations that meet all of a customer’s criteria, within the appointed budget, on time, and within construction constraints a breeze.

New bathroom remodel construction and renovation projects can have challenges. In new construction, frequently, the master bathrooms can be large but imperfectly laid out, and plans may include huge, over sized two-person bathtubs and small showers, while minimal space is dedicated to the vanity.

Bathroom remodel projects frequently include undersized three-piece bathrooms that are situated in a corner of the master bedroom. They may be serving as a hallway bathroom and a master bathroom.

Old bathrooms may have been functioning with the sole purpose of providing the space needed for personal hygiene, thus they are small, and the bathtub/shower arrangement may well be inconvenient, even unsafe.

We can transform these bathrooms into a warm den-like room offering comfort and safety.

We take note of the following areas:

  • The hallway that leads to the bathroom
  • Bedrooms that share a wall with the bathroom
  • Closets in the bathroom, in adjoining bedrooms, or any room that shares a wall with the bathroom.

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Hiring an experienced installer like Oklahoma Bath Pros to do your bathroom remodel work is a good idea for a number of reasons. For one, this isn’t a small project. Hiring an expert is the difference between a project that lasts a few days to one that could drag on for many months with horror stories to follow. Whether you’re building a whole new bathroom, or looking do a bathroom remodel of the one you’ve already got, you can’t go wrong when you hire Oklahoma Bath Professionals!

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